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Apostolic Preachers have truth to publish. The best way to publish today is online where the gospel can be published globally anywhere. Now you can be a preacher to everybody!

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Welcome to Apostolic Preachers in the name of Jesus. A website devoted to  the Gospel of Jesus, his salvation message born of water and Spirit and the truth that Jesus is God

Hi my name is Paul B Thomas I am a fulltime evangelist who has pastored in the UK and also preached in US for several years. I presently have a web presence on

Celebrating You the Preacher

 I am  convinced that a new move is neccessary for us to preach to a global audience. This requires more than just having friends or likes on our face book pages. Our objective must be to connect as preachers in real terms with goals to cross-platform our projects and global objectives, the gospel to everybody. It's in the combining of our resources and mission that we can do more together than we could ever do alone.

The parable of the dragnet proves this. When you invite me into your boat, we can make the "net work" and so share together an uncommon harvest.

Preachers need inspiration, real connection and a boat in global waters, thats why I want to invite you here to join me.

If reaching a global audience through social media podcast, blog, journal and video interests you, then join me here on Apostolic Preachers. 

I started it primarily to journal my thoughts on apostolic topics today, a way to inspire and encourage preachers like yourself and hopefully provide material you can run with

I believe the preacher should be celebrated, I also believe that preachers should do more online much more. Much more than just be on Facebook. We have to have church online, as much as we have church offline with the same intent and even greater focus. That takes greater effort to some degree and a belief too that global evangelism is possible with the apostolic message online.

Net level Ministry is apostolic preachers Networking projects Online for a global Impact of many cultures and nations

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preachloud/apostolicpreachers. I'll place you on the list and we can follow your latest updates and tweets

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The Lord bless you.